The districts of Jabalia, Beit Lahiyya and Zeitoun in the Gaza Strip were hit by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) overnight.

As they announced they hit “many” Hamas targets at the same time that ground forces are beginning to maneuver deeper into the northern Gaza Strip, specifically in Jabalia and Zeitoun.

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Meanwhile, troops from the Nahal Brigade, with tanks and air support, battled Hamas operatives on the outskirts of Jabalia, the IDF continues. In fact, in one of the clashes, troops were called in to strike Hamas gunmen on a rooftop with a drone. Soldiers also recovered weapons from residences in the area.

At the same time, Navy missile ships carried out raids with thousands of rounds of ammunition on Hamas sites along the Gaza coast, the IDF says. The navy also assisted ground troops with observation capabilities and firepower, the IDF added.

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According to the Palestinian news agency WAFA, fifteen Palestinians were killed in the overnight Israeli raids.

Shocking are also the videos of the explosion that hit a United Nations school in Jabalia, in northern Gaza, yesterday, Saturday, with most of the victims being women and children, as confirmed by a UN aid agency. Saturday’s incident was the second in 24 hours that a school run by the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East was hit, the agency said. However, he had no further details on what caused the explosion or who was responsible.

A school in Zaitoun – used by 4,000 people as a shelter – was also hit last Friday.

Hamas health officials said two explosions in Jabalia in northern Gaza killed a combined 80 people, but the death toll is feared to be twice that.

The head of the United Nations refugee agency (UNRWA) Philippe Lazzarini said he saw “horrific images and footage of dozens of people killed and injured” at one of the agency’s schools “which house thousands of displaced people”.

“These attacks cannot become commonplace, they must stop,” he said.

32 babies in critical condition in Al Shifa

The situation at Al Shifa hospital is also tragic. According to the WHO, which describes it as a “war zone”, there are now 25 health workers and 291 patients inside the hospital. Among the patients are 32 babies in “extremely critical condition”, two people in the ICU without oxygen and 22 patients undergoing dialysis.

The vast majority of patients are victims of war, the WHO says, including many with compound fractures and amputations, head injuries, burns, chest and abdominal trauma, and 29 patients with severe spinal injuries who cannot move without medical attention aid.

In many patients the wounds have become infected due to a lack of infection control measures in the hospital and unavailability of antibiotics.

Several patients have died in the past two to three days due to the shutdown of medical services, the WHO said. Her team reported seeing a mass grave at the entrance to the hospital, where they were told more than 80 people were buried.

Close to an agreement on a ceasefire and the release of hostages?

At the same time, the American newspaper Washington Post, citing well-informed sources, writes that Israel, the United States and Hamas have reached a draft agreement for the release of dozens of women and children held hostage in Gaza in exchange for a five-day ceasefire, writes the American newspaper Washington Post. citing well-informed sources.

However, both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US officials said no deal had yet been reached.

The hostage release could begin within the next few days, barring a last-minute contingency, according to sources familiar with the detailed six-page draft agreement, the US newspaper revealed yesterday, Saturday.

Under the agreement, all sides will cease combat operations for at least 5 days while 50 or more hostages will be released in groups every 24 hours, the Washington Post reports. The pause is also intended to allow a significant amount of humanitarian aid to enter Gaza, the newspaper added, clarifying that the outline of the agreement was drawn up during weeks of talks in Qatar.

However, Netanyahu said at a press conference last night: “Regarding the hostages, there are many baseless rumors, many false reports. I would like to make this clear: So far there has been no agreement. However, I want to promise: When there is something to say — we’ll let you know about it.”

A White House spokesman also said that Israel and Hamas have not yet reached an agreement on a temporary ceasefire, adding that the US continues to work to reach an agreement. And a second US official also said no deal had been reached.