The bombings between Israel and Lebanon are intensifying, while at the same time the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) carried out two major raids in the West Bank.

According to Israel’s National News Agency, Israeli airstrikes and shelling hit southern Lebanon today, Sunday.

The network reported that Al-Tayba and Al-Qal’iya, in the eastern sector of the border region, as well as Al-Naqoura ad Al-Labouba in the west, were among the bombed sites, adding that there was an airstrike on Sunday in the morning near Aita Al-Shaab in the western sector.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said air defense fighters successfully intercepted a suspected aerial target that passed through Lebanon and that IDF jets also destroyed infrastructure belonging to the militant group Hezbollah.

“Additionally, about ten mortar rounds were detected towards a peaceful area that fell in an open area [κοντά στο Shlomi]. The Israeli Army attacks the source of the shooting on Lebanese soil”he said.

Israeli raids in the West Bank

Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces are continuing their military operations and have carried out what they say are two “brigade-level” raids on the West Bank’s Jenin refugee camp and Balata refugee camp, arresting suspects and seizing weapons.

The weapons seized

In total, 38 wanted Palestinians were arrested in overnight raids, including about 20 in Jenin and Balata, the IDF said, clashing with Palestinian gunmen in both camps.

In Balata, troops are reported to have seized several firearms and explosive devices. In Jenin, they found and destroyed a cache of explosive devices near a mosque and three command rooms and seized several firearms.

Troops also clashed with Palestinian rioters in the West Bank village of Tamun, near Toumba, and the Dheisheh refugee camp near Bethlehem.

According to Palestinian media, one Palestinian was killed in Jenin and a second in Deishe.

Earlier, the IDF announced that overnight it struck “several” Hamas targets in the Jabalia, Beit Lahiyya and Zeitoun districts of the Gaza Strip as ground forces begin to maneuver deeper into the northern Gaza Strip, specifically Jabalia and Zeitoun.

Meanwhile, troops from the Nahal Brigade, with tanks and air support, battled Hamas operatives on the outskirts of Jabalia, the IDF continues. In fact, in one of the clashes, troops were called in to strike Hamas gunmen on a rooftop with a drone. Soldiers also recovered weapons from residences in the area.

At the same time, Navy missile ships carried out raids with thousands of rounds of ammunition on Hamas sites along the Gaza coast, the IDF says. The navy also assisted ground troops with observation capabilities and firepower, the IDF added.

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They raided homes of senior Hamas officials

Israeli troops also raided homes of senior Hamas officials in the upscale Rimal neighborhood of Gaza City, according to the Israel Defense Forces. Much of Rimal, once one of the Strip’s liveliest neighborhoods, has been destroyed by Israeli airstrikes.

The troops located about 35 tunnel shafts and dozens of weapons and killed several Hamas operatives. The forces also raided a Hamas military camp in the Rimal district, found a weapons cache and seven rocket launchers.