THE Thierry Bodet, leader of the Dutch far-right party Forum for Democracy (Forum voor Democratie – FvD) was attacked in a bar on Monday, two days before parliamentary elections in the Netherlands.

The far-right politician was in a bar in the city of Groningen when a patron hit him with a bottle on his head. Bode punched the assailant before fleeing from his entourage, according to video footage broadcast by Dutch media.

Police arrested the man who attacked the FvD leader.

According to a statement from the Dutch far-right party, Bode he was taken to a hospital with minor injuries, where he was given first aid. He was forced to cancel an appearance scheduled for today.

The attack on Bode was condemned as “absolutely unacceptable” by outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who is not running in the November 22 election.

Last month, Thierry Bodet he had been hit with an umbrella at Ghent University, Belgium.

The far-right FvD party, known for its Eurosceptic and anti-immigration positions, predicted to secure 4-5 seats in the Dutch parliament, according to opinion polls.