By Athena Papakosta

Those influenced by his signature haircut liken him to the Marvel hero Wolverine while others call him “the crazy one”. The only thing that is certain is that Javier Millay is now the new president of Argentina, who became known to the general public as an economist-teleperson who spoke on panels even about the pleasure of tantric sex.

Javier Millay studied economics. He joined the band Everest covering songs by the Rolling Stones and in his youth was a goalkeeper for the youth soccer team Chacarita Juniors in Buenos Aires.

For most, he is another version of the former president of the United States, Donald Trump and the former president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro. Some others, however, have gone a step further and are talking about the… child of former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Satan’s puppet Chucky. However, he calls himself an “anarcho-capitalist”.

The 53-year-old Miley has little experience in politics. He was elected for the first time as a Member of Parliament in 2021 with the party, Libertad Avanza and investing with his bellicose rhetoric in the anger of the citizens and their need for change he stood up to the people not to rule sheep, as he said, but to wake up lions, like and the one who – as he sings to this day – “roar in the middle of an avenue”.

So as the “king of the jungle” he is preparing to take power in over-indebted Argentina to impose certain rules and manage to tame the inflation that now exceeds 140%.

First, he vows to slash social spending. During his election campaign he even held a chainsaw to make his intentions clear.

Secondly, he pledges that even the Central Bank of Argentina, which he wishes to dissolve, will not escape his hands.

Third, he intends for his country to adopt the US dollar as its national currency, abandoning the Argentine peso forever.

The common denominator of the above is to make “Argentina great again” and to achieve the change promised by the 53-year-old newly elected far-right, populist president, he envisions a governance model with minimal ministries and zero state.

The Miley “democracy” is restricted to those who want to own a gun. The new president of the country is in favor of the sale and purchase of human organs and against the right to abortion legalized in Argentina from 2020, while, as far as child trafficking is concerned, he answers “it depends”.

For Juan Luis González who signs the biography of Javier Millais entitled “The Madman” (“El Loco”) “more disturbing than his ideas are his state of mind and his emotional stability”.

Many local and international media focus on some strange statements of Miley, such as that he communicates with his dead dog, Conan, through a medium, stressing that he urged him to run for the presidency of Argentina. Or in reports that want Millay to claim that he has seen the Resurrection of Christ three times or in the fact – as the newspaper La Nacion writes – that he believes that he and Conan met in another life about 2,000 years ago when he himself was … gladiator in the Colosseum in Rome and his dog was… a lion.

At the same time, counting seats, political analysts explain that the next day for the “Trump of Pampa” will be difficult as Miley will have a hard time getting even one of his brilliant ideas and proposals passed as his party only has 38 of the 257 seats in the House of Representatives and only 8 of the total 72 seats in the Senate.

Javier Millay himself, however, with Al Capone as his hero and 11 points ahead of his center-left opponent, Sergio Massa, declares that he is determined to get Argentina back on its feet, as he said, stressing that he will keep his commitments.