The list of the most influential people (with the most influence) in Europe for 2024 was published by Politico.

Aside from being the most powerful person on the continent, the list with the humorous title “The class of 2024» is divided into three categorieseach representing a different type of power: the doers, those who “stir” the waters (or agitators) and the dreamers.

Donald Tusk: Europe’s strongest (the wind of change)

“For two decades, two men have been fighting for the soul of Poland: In the blue corner, fighting for a democratic, modern, European vision of the future: Donald Tusk, former prime minister who served as president of the European Council before returning as leader of the centrist opposition.

In the red corner, which stands out for traditionalists, Catholic conservatives, nationalists: Jarosław Kaczyński, leader of the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS).

Now, after eight years Kaczyński, the country is on the threshold of a new era of Tusk and the wind of change is blowing once more” mentions it Politico.

Those who do

1. Georgia Meloni (prime minister of Italy – The “chameleon”)


2. Ursula von der Leyen (President of the Commission – The “Queen”)
3. Emmanuel Macron (President of France – “Manu (his pet) set free”)
4. Andrei Germak (the head of services of the Ukrainian presidency – The “green (because of his surname) cardinal” of Kiev)
5. Recep Tayyip Erdogan (President of Turkey – The “mediator”)


6. Maros Sefcovic (The Vice-President of the European Commission – The “man who fixes the broken”)
7. Marine Le Pen ( French far-right politician, candidate in the 2022 presidential election – She who “redefines” or “relaunches”)
8. Christine Lagarde (Director of the ECB and ex-IMF – The “Director of Expectations”)
9. Keir Starmer (Leader of the Labor Party in Britain – The ‘other’)

The “troublemakers”

1. Elvira Nabiulina (Putin’s trusted technocrat – “banker” who feeds the Russian President’s war machine)


2. Carles Puigdemont (former president of Catalonia – The “revolutionary”)
3. Victor Oban (Hungary’s populist president – ‘The one who spoils’)
4. Analena Burbok (German Foreign Ministry – “The Straight Talker”)
5. Manfred Weber (The German MEP, member of the EPP – The “killer of the green deal”)


6. Tom Van Gricken (The 28-year-old Belgian, president of the far-right Flemish party Vlaams Belang – Belgium’s “split artist”)
7. Jovita Neliupšienė (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania and Former Ambassador of the country to the European Union – The “whistleblower for Washington”)
8. Bidzina Ivanishvili (the billionaire ex-prime minister of Georgia – The “oligarch”)
9. Bjorn Hoke (Björn Höcke, the hard-line, far-right leader of the AfD in the Thuringia region – The “fascist”)

The dreamers

1. Vladimir Zelensky (Forerunner of Ukraine – The “marathon runner”)


2. Alexei Navalny (imprisoned opposition leader, the “Mandela” of Russia)
3. Géral Darmanen (French Minister of State, rising and promising – The “replacement”
4. Roberta Metzola ( The Maltese president of the European Parliament – ​​The “new weapon)
5. Mary Lou McDonald (Irish President of the Sinn Fein party – The “unifier”)


6. Peter Pavel (The new Czech Prodros – The “hawk”)
7. Thomas Bach (The German president of the International Olympic Committee – The “Olympian”)
8. Nigel Farage (The British leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP – the “methodical”
9. Jenny Hermoso (the Spanish National player who caused #MeToo in football – The “woman who got the ball rolling)