Finland’s decision to reinforce its border with Russia is groundless as Moscow poses no threat to its neighbour, a Kremlin spokesman said on Wednesday. Dmitry Peskov.

Such an activity, on the contrary, poses a threat to Russia and may lead to tension, warned the representative of the Russian presidency.

“There is no conflict as such. No one and nothing threatens Finland, and in this case this is definitely an absolutely excessive border security measure, because there is no threat there, and in fact there is no tension,” the Kremlin spokesman told reporters, commenting on Finland’s decision to strengthen border protection of together with Poland.

“It is an absolutely unprovoked one and unfounded gathering of armed units on the border with Russia,” Peskov stressed according to TASS.

As the Russian presidential spokesman reported, “the tension can come right up during the gathering of additional units at the border.”

“The Finns must be well aware that for us the strengthening of the accumulation of military units on our borders will be a threat”, the Kremlin spokesman explained. “That’s how we see it,” Peskov said.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said earlier Wednesday that Russia had received a note from Finland on Nov. 29 about its decision to close and the last operational border control post from November 30.

Meanwhile, some media reported that Poland plans to send troops to Finland to help protect its borders.