An aquarium worker who plays a mermaid during a performance at a South African shopping mall had a terrifying experience when the tail of the costume she was wearing became entangled in the tank.

The New York Post video features Gabriela Green-Thompson Kay dancing in the water until he suddenly becomes agitated as he feels that he is in danger of drowning and tries to rise to the surface.

She herself with a sharp movement pulls out her tail and manages to get out of the tank.

Dozens of people including children watching the show recorded the performer’s adventure with their mobile phones who holds a professional diver’s license.

In her TikTok post, she wrote: “Every professional mermaid should know how to get out of her tail in an emergency. Unfortunately my adventure spoiled the magic of the moment but it also turned out to be a very good opportunity for education”

@nokukhanya.the_mermaid Replying to @jax6804 Remember Water Has its Dangers Every Professional Mermaid has to know how to eject out of their tails in case of an emergency. It’s unfortunate that it spoils the magic in the moment, but it proves to be an important teaching opportunity. Safe swimming this festive season everyone 💛🧜🏽‍♀️💛 #mermaid #watersaftey #watersafteyawareness #mermaids ♬ Sunny – TELL YOUR STORY music by Ikson™