An incredible incident in Nafpaktos High Schoolin which underage students trafficked nude photos of female classmates.

According to tempo24 information, it all started when the Principal of the High School came to the Nafpaktos Police Department and reported that 13-year-old student shows naked photos of female students to other students through an online application.

During the preliminary investigation, a parent appeared and reported that the particular student and another had created through an application on the Internet nude photos of female students using their faces, one of which was his daughter.

In fact, as it was revealed, the activity of the two minor students was particularly intense in the last month, where many photos were circulated.

One of the 13-year-olds was part of a private group that trafficked in pornographic material of underage girls and women.

The Police proceeded to search the minor’s home where mobile devices were confiscated.

At the same time, EL.AS proceeded yesterday to arrest both the two minors for insulting birth dignity, trafficking in pronographic material, revenge pornography, as well as their parents for neglecting minors.