Georgia Meloni’s government wants to link the efficiency of public employees to their salary increases from now on.

According to what the Italian Minister of Public Administration, Paolo Giangrillo, announced, “the evaluation system of the employees that will be prepared by the Public Administration will have a direct relationship with their earnings”, because “when we evaluate the abilities of employees, we measure the possibility of expressing talent, we identify areas where there can be improvement and ultimately try to support the development of each person.”

This evaluation, as reported by the Italian media, will concern all civil servants starting from the managers, for which their subordinates will also express their opinion.

The main criteria will be the “leadership profile”, the ability to implement the various plans, the assessment of the abilities of the various partners and the creation of work teams with high efficiency. The more positive the assessment, the greater the improvement in salary conditions.

According to the Rome newspaper Il Messaggero, the specific criterion is to be included by the Meloni government in the renewal of the collective labor agreement of civil servants, with the main directive “to give incentives to achieve new goals in order to improve the skills of workers in sectors in whom they lag behind”.