The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today rejected international calls for an end to the war in Gaza, characterizing them as incompatible with the central objective of the war, which is to eliminate Hamas.

Briefing his government, Netanyahu said he explained to the leaders of France, Germany and other countries: “You cannot on the one hand support the elimination of Hamas and on the other hand pressure us to end the war, preventing the elimination of Hamas.”

The same time, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Staiyeh Speaking at the Doha Forum conference in Qatar, he said today that the US should also be held responsible for Israel’s attacks on Gaza, as well as for the loss of Palestinian lives.

IDF continues operations in Gaza

At the same time, the Israeli Security Forces (IDF) continue military operations in Gaza targeting Hamas military communication sites in underground shafts and tunnels.

As they state in their statement for the first time since the beginning of the ground operations, the Artillery Corps is operating inside the Gaza Strip, assisting the ground forces.

In recent days, soldiers of the 282nd Brigade have been operating in the Gaza Strip, in cooperation with the 188th Brigade in the Shuja’iyya area.

“During the operation, the Artillery Corps struck more than 20 terrorist targets, including weapons storage facilities, bombed-out houses and terrorist infrastructure of the terrorist organization Hamas,” the IDF points out.

At the same time, they report that yesterday, the ground, air and naval forces of the IDF hit more than 250 terrorist targets. In the past few hours, IDF troops have located and destroyed weapons stockpiles, carried out targeted raids on military sites, destroyed underground terrorist tunnel shafts, and thwarted armed terrorist cells planning to attack IDF troops.

They also fired precision munitions and hit underground tunnel shafts in Khan Younis while an unmanned aerial vehicle helped IDF troops locate and destroy an armed terrorist cell that was planning to attack