The Parliament of Poland denied today, Monday to give a vote of confidence in his populist, nationalist government Mateusz Morawieckipaving the way for the formation of a new government by the country’s pro-European parties.

Barring some last-minute surprise, MPs are expected to elect a new prime minister, Donald Tusk, this evening. the former president of the European Council.

Of the 456 (out of a total of 460) MPs who took part in the vote, 190 supported Morawiecki and 266 voted against him.

The first vote ended the country’s eight-year rule by the nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party, which had been accused of undermining the independence of the judiciary, turning public media into propaganda instruments and inciting prejudice against minorities such as immigrants and the LGBTI community.

Tusk has promised that will improve Warsaw’s relations with Brussels and will thus free up billions of euros that were intended for Poland but have been blocked due to concerns expressed in the EU about the rule of law in his country. After a new prime minister is elected, it is expected that tomorrow Tuesday he will present his government and his political program and will immediately request a vote of confidence from the parliament in which the alliance has 248 seats.

After the Oct. 15 election, which was won by the alliance of pro-European parties led by Tusk, there is huge interest in the parliament’s work in Poland, and subscriptions to his YouTube channel have soared. Some meetings attracted more than 1 million viewers on the platform, and today a cinema in Warsaw decided to show the meeting live on the big screen. So great has been the demand that about 2,000 people have signed up on a waiting list to buy tickets.