A rush-hour accident on Beijing’s subway left more than 30 people injured tonight when two carriages became detached from a train, authorities said.

“The area has been evacuated and all the injured have been taken to the hospital for first aid,” the Chinese capital’s transport agency said on social network Weibo.

“We have currently recorded more than 30 injured people. No death”, it is clarified.

The incident occurred at 6:57 p.m. local time, when the last two carriages of a subway train became detached from the front ones, according to the same source.

Messages posted on social media spoke of people falling down or others complaining of kidney pain.

Media showed images of citizens staying cool in a carriage plunged into darkness, or others using emergency hammers to break a window and get out of the train.

In other videos, a crowd of passengers can be seen to leave the scene of the accident by walking in the snow or firefighters to help an elderly woman away.

The train was not in a tunnel, but in an above-ground section, near Xi’erqi Station. He was heading to Changping, a district located in the northern part of the Chinese capital.

“We are deeply sorry for the accident that happened tonight,” the Beijing Subway Company, which operates the Beijing subway, said in a message on Weibo.

“Passengers who left the site on their own during the evacuation operation and who are not feeling well can contact us at any time. We will bear the cost of their care.”