“THE Erdogan, who is committing genocide against the Kurds, holds a world record for jailing journalists who oppose his rulehe is the last one who can give us a moral sermon”, says o Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahuin a post on his twitter.

“The IDF is the most moral army in the world fighting and destroying the most despicable and cruel terrorist organization in the worldHamas ISIS, which has committed crimes against humanity and Erdogan praises it and hosts its senior officials.”he notes.

“Netanyahu is no different from Hitler,” Erdogan said

There is no difference between what the Israeli prime minister is doing with the Gaza attacks and what Hitler didsaid today Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan comparing the Israeli attacks on Gaza with the treatment of the Jews by the Nazis.

“How are you different from Hitler?…Are what Netanyahu does less than what Hitler did? No”, said the Turkish president during his speech at an event in Ankara.

Erdogan repeated his criticism of Western support for Israel and added that Turkey is ready to welcome academics and scientists facing persecution for their views on the war in Gaza.