At night… into day, millions of fireworks in the sky of Hong Kong turned, in order for the great Asian city to welcome 2024.

The spectacle was truly impressive, surpassing even the pre-coronavirus era.

Time has changed in New Zealand and Australia

With a five-minute fireworks display, the countdown to welcoming the new year began in New Zealand, and in particular in Auckland, as it is the first major city to celebrate the arrival of the new year a little while ago.

Thousands gathered at the Sky Tower to enjoy the spectacular fireworks that turned night into day in the sky.

The arrival of 2024 drew cheers and applause from those present.

Auckland in the North Island of New Zealand, is the largest urban area in New Zealand with 1,377,000 residents.

Planning for the extravaganza and fireworks display began six months ago.

Kiribati the first country to welcome the new year

However, the Kiribati Islands became the first part of the planet to welcome the New Year, although no major events were planned on their main island, Kiritimati.

A few hours later it was Australia’s turn to welcome 2024 in a fireworks extravaganza: