Lawwho aims to end the slaughter and sale dogs for meat them until 2027 was voted by South Korea.

The law aims to end the centuries-old practice of eating dog meat, which is now unpopular, especially among the country’s youth.

According to the BBC, by law the breeding or slaughter dogs for consumption will be prohibited, as will the distribution or sale of dog meat.

Those found guilty of dog slaughter face up to three years in prison imprisonment. Also those who breed dogs for meat or sell dog meat could serve a maximum of two years.

However, eating dog meat itself will not be illegal.

Dog stew is a delicacy

According to the latest government data, in 2023 South Korea had approx 1,600 restaurants who served dog meat and 1,150 breeding farms dogs.

The Korean Edible Dog Association announced that the ban would affect 3,500 farms breeding 1.5 million dogs, as well as 3,000 restaurants.

The dog meat stew, called “boshintang“, is considered a delicacy for elderly South Koreans.

Fortunately, however, the country’s youth are opposed to traditional dog meat cuisine and avoid its consumption.

Flexibility and compensation for professionals

The new legislation will come into force in three yearsgiving farmers and restaurant owners time to find alternative sources of employment and income.

The government has promised to fully support dog meat farmers, butchers and restaurant owners whose businesses will be forced to close, although details of what compensation they will take.

Activists say most dogs are killed by electric shock the are hanged for their meat, although breeders and traders claim that progress has been made and their slaughter is now more humane.

Support for the ban has grown under President Yun Suk-yeol, an animal lover who has adopted six dogs and eight cats with first lady Kim Kyung-hee, who also strongly criticizes the consumption of dog meat.