A flash appearance was made by a mysterious man who appeared half-naked behind political commentator Dick Morris while he was on air and who seems to have won over viewers’ impressions of the political developments.

Newsmax viewers watched with some confusion Monday night as a mysterious half-clothed man entered the shot, appearing behind political commentator Dick Morris in the middle of an interview about Trump’s victory in the Iowa primary.

As Morris spoke to the camera, the man opened a door behind him, stepping out of what looked like a large closet or garage.

The man walked behind the camera dressed only in a tight white t-shirt and black underwear.

None of those present reacted to the sight of the man and he left so quickly, leaving viewers on social media to wonder if they had imagined the whole thing.

The DailyMail has contacted Morris to ask who the man is and what he was doing there, but he has yet to provide an explanation.

Just before the man walked in, Morris was giving his thoughts on what an Iowa win would mean for Trump, saying, “Well, I think Trump is going to score a huge win. I think the media will try to play it down because, as you rightly said…”

Then, without even glancing around as the man walked past him, he finished, “… They’re basically rooting for Nikki Haley.”

Immediately after the shot the camera focused on the three men at Newsmax.