London, Thanasis Gavos

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton is in her third day of hospitalization in a private hospital in London after the abdominal surgery she did, as the British were informed on Wednesday by an announcement from Kensington Palace.

While the long duration of the required recovery period, at least two and a half months, causes some concern in the British, British newspaper sources said that the princess is “doing well”.

The Times notes that Kate Middleton follows a healthy and athletic lifestyle, so such a long recovery period for a theoretically strong body means that the operation was serious.

Once malignancy has been ruled out, the paper notes that a major operation in the abdomen could involve the stomach, kidneys, bowel or reproductive system.

The Times reminds that the 42-year-old wife of Prince William and mother of three children has shown many times how fit and healthy she tries to be, enjoying, among other things, weight training, running, CrossFit, swimming in icy waters, various sports, breakfast smoothie with green superfoods, and also has a personal trainer.

By her side at the clinic and then at their home on the royal estate of Windsor will be Prince of Wales William, who has also canceled scheduled engagements. In this context, the visit of the princely couple to Italy is postponed until later in the year or next year.

King Charles, who also announced on Wednesday that he will undergo surgery for an enlarged prostate next week, has also canceled or postponed engagements.

The absence of the three most active members of the royal family from their duties for a simultaneous period has been pointed out by British commentators as a reminder of the much thinner pool of active members of the royal house after the departures of Harry, Meghan and Andrew.