Questions are being raised over the death of 2-year-old Bronson Battersby who starved to death, alone and helpless next to his dead father. Already, two investigations are underway by both social services and the police into any responsibilities and omissions that led to the child’s death.

Chris Phillips, the minister responsible for police, said it was vital that inquiries reveal what happened after the “heartbreaking tragedy”.

It is recalled that the child he died of starvation and dehydration after his father had died of a heart attack on New Year’s Daybut the revelation of the tragedy came on January 9 a week after a social worker had previously called the police twice and expressed her concerns about the disappearance of the father and son.

Bronson’s mother, Sarah Pease, who last saw her son alive before Christmas, said her son was a little too short to reach the cooler and whatever food was there to get him. save.

On Wednesday, Lincolnshire Police he received two calls from the social worker, who was looking for the two but there was no response

Lincolnshire County Council also pledged to carry out a “swift investigation” into the incident, which has shocked Britain.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast on Thursday morning, the minister said: “We want answers about what happened. I know there is an investigation into social services and also the police.