Back home to her children for the Princess of Wales, Kate, after a 14-day stay in a London clinic.

The Princess of Wales will stay out of the public eye until Easter as she recovers from abdominal surgery and is already spending her first full day at home with her children in two weeks since being admitted to hospital at the beginning of month.

Kate had not seen her children Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and five-year-old Prince Louis during her stay at London’s Marylebone Hospital.

It is believed the children were still at school when their mother returned to their home in Windsor.

Former royal family butler Grant Harold said that Kate’s absence would have left a “void” in the family home, adding that William would likely be anxiously awaiting his wife’s return.

He emphasized that Prince William is very caring and very affectionate with his wife and will take care of Kate during her recovery.

Kate will likely miss her mother Carole Middleton’s 69th birthday on Wednesday, and it is unknown if her mother will make a special visit to see her eldest daughter that day.

Kate, who Kensington Palace said was “doing well”, was discharged from the clinic yesterday morning after being admitted for surgery on January 16.

According to the Daily Mail, her children did not visit her during her hospital stay and will be reunited with their mother immediately after they return from school, Adelaide Cottage, in the afternoon of the same day.

It’s about longer time they were away from their mother.

William and Kate have also given two priority to their children and always at least one of the two accompanies them to school. Also, their trips are short and they always return at the weekend to the palace.

Apparently Prince William, who had canceled his commitments to be by his wife’s side throughout, walked Kate home after she was released from hospital.

In a statement yesterday, a spokesman for Kensington Palace said: “The Princess of Wales has returned to her home in Windsor to continue her recovery from surgery. He is making good progress. The Prince and Princess would like to say a huge thank you to the whole team at the London Clinic, especially the dedicated nursing staff, for the care they provided. “The Welsh family continues to be grateful for the well wishes they have received.”

It is believed that the princess discharged around 11amsneaking away in an escort car with her husband.

Kensington Palace staff were seen leaving half an hour later, and one of them had a bouquet of white orchids in his car.

Kate will now recover at home and her return to official duties will depend on medical instructions and the progress of her health.

However, William is expected to resume public duties once his wife is settled and recuperating at home.

During her absence he was assisted by the couple’s nanny, Maria Turrion Borrallo, and his in-laws, Michael and Carole Middleton, who will continue to help.

Kensington Palace said they would not discuss the princess’s condition further and that it was her “wish” that her personal medical information remain private.