The fans of the famous American singer Taylor Swift never backs down when they feel their image is under attack: they always fight back.

Should Donald Trump and his staff choose to attack Taylor Swiftthe former president will be found, according to Business Insider, facing a force far greater and far more dangerous than the Joe Biden campaign: the fanatical fans of the famous singer.

After weeks of attacks from the pro-Republican media, which even reached to the point of claiming he is a Pentagon agenteveryone considers it almost certain that and Trump himself will enter this controversy.

Donald Trump’s allies in US politics and the conservative media they aimed a conspiracy-fueled rhetorical attack against Taylor Swifttaking on the world’s most famous pop star amid fears she could sway the 2024 election in favor of Joe Biden.

Attacks on Swift from the right have escalated sharply in recent daysmaking one of America’s most successful cultural symbols a target at the forefront of the country’s bitter political culture wars.

An obvious trigger from the movement “Make America Great Again” of Trump was Swift’s decision on Sunday to cheer, hug and kiss boyfriend Travis Kelce on the field in Baltimore after his American football team, the Kansas City Chiefs, earned a spot in that season’s Super Bowl.

Swift cheers on partner Travis Kelce as his Kansas City Chiefs clinch a spot in the Super Bowl

Then a New York Times op-ed came out on Monday suggesting that Swift was the “larger and more impactful support target” for Biden’s re-election campaign.

Among the accusations leveled against Swift by some Trump allies were; the allegation that he is part of a conspiracy—that also involves the National Football League— to keep Biden in the White House.

“I wonder who will win the Super Bowl next month”wrote Vivek Ramaswamy, a biotech investor who ran for the Republican presidential nomination but now supports Trump, on X. “I wonder if there’s any significant presidential support coming from an artificially culturally supported couple this fall.”

Although Swift’s music and performances have not been seen as particularly political, has previously sided with Democrats, citing their advocacy of women’s rights and their opposition to white supremacy. She also urged her fan base, mostly young and female, to vote in the election.

Endorsed the Democratic candidate in the 2018 Tennessee Senate race and Biden in the 2020 general election and in her 2020 documentary Miss Americana said she was “sad” she hadn’t come out against Trump in 2016. “These aren’t your daddy’s Republicans,” she told her family in the film.

Trump has not commented on Swift recentlybut his aides were quick to poke fun at both the pop star and Biden.

“They’re calling it their Hail Mary pass to drag Biden over the finish line,” Karoline Leavitt, a spokeswoman for the former president’s 2024 campaign, told a conservative radio host.

“This woman has made a career out of writing songs about choosing the wrong man. We can’t trust her to pick the wrong man in this presidential election.”

Biden’s advisers have tried to use the controversy to portray his opponents as extremists.

“As far as what she’s told us about her politics, it’s really just about not being hateful.”, Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s former White House communications director, posted on X. “Protecting the rights of women and the LGBTQ community. This is. They’re not out there attacking the Heritage tax platform,” she added, referring to one of Washington’s leading conservative think-tanks.

But Democrats will also hope that Swift may emerge as a powerful outside force to help re-elect Biden, when he needs a lot of help to generate excitement among the base and younger voters. Swift and Kelce were a phenomenon, creating a pop culture crossover that sent their fans crazy for new photos and sightings on social media. The pair also brought legions of Swifties, as her fans are known, into the realm of the NFL.

Corporate America has gone public — American Airlines, for example, has scheduled Flight 1989 to go from Kansas City to Las Vegas on February 9 and 10 for the Super Bowl, in reference to the couple’s shared year of birth and a Swift album title.

For his part, Kelce has drawn ire from the right for appearing in ads for Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine and Bud Light. Some conservatives boycotted the beer last year after a promotion featured transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney.