US President Joe Biden’s administration made clear on Monday that it would veto a House Republican-led bill that would limit military and economic aid only to Israel if it reaches his desk, as it pushes for a broader funding package. on Ukraine, Israel, border security, etc. his priorities.

“The administration strongly encourages both houses of Congress to reject this political ploy and instead send to the president’s office expeditiously” the text presented to the Senate last Sunday, the White House’s Office of the Budget (OMB) said.

The draft law presented last Sunday, the fruit of months of negotiations between the administration, the Republicans and the Democrats in the Senate, provides for the allocation of billions of dollars for border security, to support Ukraine, to support Israel, for the action of CENTCOM and operations in the Red Sea and to support US partners in the “Indo-Pacific”, according to what was announced.

But top Republicans in the House of Representatives had already signaled well over 24 hours before it was introduced that they would reject it and instead advance a bill that would guarantee aid only to Israel.

The House had already passed such a bill in November, which was not even debated in the Senate, as an effort was being made to approve an earlier proposal for a comprehensive funding package.