London, Thanasis Gavos

Two addresses in Newcastle have been searched by UK police as part of the ongoing operation locating the 35-year-old Abdul Izedi, of perpetrator of the chemical attack on a 31-year-old woman and her two young daughters in south London last week.

One of the addresses was the workplace of the wanted man, who lives in Newcastle.

In an update, police said the mother of the two girls remains hospitalized under sedation and is not well enough to speak due to her “serious injuries”. As already announced, it is very likely that she will lose the sight in her right eye among other problems.

The two girls, aged three and eight, have been discharged as their injuries were ultimately less severe than initially feared. The older girl suffered minor burns from the corrosive liquid and the younger had been violently thrown by Izendi against his car door or onto the pavement.

Police have also said the attacker and victim were in a relationship, that the children are not his and that their separation may have motivated the horrific attack.

Izendi has been offered up to £20,000 by authorities, who believe someone is helping him hide, as there is no evidence of his movements since the night of the attack. He has been called to surrender, as perhaps the severe burn he himself has suffered on the right side of his face could have caused his death.

Friends of the victim are organizing an online fundraiser for the family, describing her as “first and foremost a devoted and loving mother – her children are her life… All she wanted was a safe home for herself and her beautiful, kind little girls her”.

The fundraiser had raised £7,000 for the family by Thursday morning.