Today, the European Commission published the results of the Special Eurobarometer on the attitude of public opinion towards European civil protection actions in the Member States. The results show a strong consensus among the citizens of the European Union on the need to coordinate civil protection actions across the EU.

The vast majority of respondents (94%) in the 27 EU member states think that when an EU country is hit by a disaster too big to deal with alone, other EU countries should provide help. A similar percentage (91%) is in favor of the EU providing aid to any country in the world affected by a disaster.

The survey results show clear support for the EU’s role in crisis management, with nine out of ten respondents saying it is important for the EU to help coordinate disaster response in the EU and in other countries.

Furthermore, according to the survey, nine out of ten Europeans agree that coordinated EU action should be strengthened to deal more effectively with future disasters and crises. The percentage of EU citizens who want an enhanced role has increased by 6 percentage points since 2020 and now stands at 90%.

Lena Flitzani