USA: Louisville mayoral candidate rescued by chance after being shot inside his office


A mayoral candidate in Louisville, Kentucky, was shot dead in his office on Monday, he and local police said, adding that the perpetrator had been arrested.

Craig Greenberg, a Democrat, said in a press conference that he felt “upset”, but that both he and his campaign team felt “lucky” to be safe and sound.

The candidate said that a man appeared on Monday morning at the headquarters of his election campaign when he had a meeting with four members of his team.

“When we greeted him, he pulled out a gun, aimed at me and started firing,” Greenberg explained.

“The person closest to the door bravely managed to close it” and the others placed tables behind it. “The suspect has left,” the mayoral candidate continued.

Louisville Police Chief Erica Shields had earlier told reporters that police had evacuated the building and that no one was injured in the incident.

“However, it seems that the target was a specific person and that is a candidate for mayor, Greg Greenberg,” added Shields. “He was not injured, but a bullet pierced his clothes.”

This information was confirmed by Greenberg.

A suspect who appears to have acted alone has been arrested and no motive has been identified for the attack, Shields said, adding that it was being investigated whether Greenberg was targeted because he was Jewish, politically motivated or suffering from psychological problems. .

Greenberg, a lawyer and businessman, ran for mayor of Louisville with the goal of succeeding outgoing Mayor Greg Fisher.

Greenberg has focused his program on public safety and last month unveiled a plan to improve policing and tackle crime.

In the last two years, homicides in Louisville have broken every record.

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