The Icelandic authorities they hope to restore “within the next few hours” her hot water supplywhich has been discontinued for local residents Sudournesat southwest Icelandafter volcanic eruption yesterday, it was announced today by the civil protection service of the country.

A river of lava covered the area and resulted in a water supply pipeline that supplied hot water to the 28,000 residents of this area exploding yesterday afternoon.

“We hope to resolve the issue within the next few hours. Restoring the hot water supply to the system will take several hours,” Hjordis Gumundsdottir, the spokesman for the Icelandic civil protection agency, told AFP.

Schools, swimming pools and sports facilities in the Sudournes region remained closed today due to the interruption of hot water, the same source said.

Electricity is still available, but authorities are urging the population of the area to limit consumption, it added.

Work to repair the pipeline was carried out throughout the night, where it was cold, with the mercury at -14 degrees Celsius and in difficult access conditions due to the presence of lava, electricity company HS Orka explained on its website her.

According to the Icelandic Meteorological Service (IMO), “no explosive activity was observed during a police drone flight over the affected area at midday” on Friday.

“This indicates that the eruption is over. No volcanic tremor was recorded by the seismographs,” added the IMO in its bulletin published this afternoon.