The head of French diplomacy, who went to the Middle East a week ago, underlines in the newspaper Ouest France that France shares “the real trauma” of the Israelis but considers the situation in Gaza “unjustifiable”.

“We have to understand that after October 7, Israeli society is no longer the same. Firmly. I fully realized that when I was there,” says Stephane Cezournet in this interview published today, deeming it “his duty” to understand that “the trauma of Israelis is real”.

“And this also means that the situation in Gaza is unjustified,” the minister underlines. “The humanitarian situation in Gaza today is catastrophic and unacceptable in reality,” he stressed, as Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are deprived of everything.

France has been calling for a lasting ceasefire for weeks.

Like his predecessor Catherine Colonna, Stéphane Cezournet also spoke during his trip about settler violence in the West Bank, “which has nothing to do with the situation in Gaza” and must stop.

Paris is preparing sanctions against these extremist settlers.

The Ouest France newspaper also asked Céjournay about the possibility, as the British foreign secretary mentioned, of recognizing the Palestinian state, which could be a lever in the discussion of the two-state solution.

“There are no taboos in this,” he said. “It is important to create this state and therefore meet the conditions for it, including the security conditions for Israel,” he stressed.