Violence against women does not stop in Italy, not even on Valentine’s Day, as many media outlets highlight.

27-year-old Christian Sodano, a member of the Italian economic police, murdered the mother and sister of his ex-partner tonight, who managed to escape because she ran and locked herself in the toilet of the apartment where the carnage took place.

It all happened near the city of Latina, about 70 kilometers south of Rome. The policeman went late in the afternoon to the maisonette of 22-year-old Desiree and started arguing with her. Her sister and mother defended her and suddenly the man took out a revolver and started shooting.

Once again, the perpetrator did not accept the separation with his former partner. He was arrested a short time later near the house of his relatives.

By tragic coincidence, the area where the double murder occurred is called San Valentino, meaning Saint Valentine.