The draft law of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food on “Strengthening standard animal husbandry, fisheries and aquaculture regulations, provisions on plant health, biocidal products and food quality and other provisions to stimulate rural development” was passed by a majority. .

The ND voted “for” the bill, on the Authority, while the opposition parties voted against it, except for the Hellenic Solution, which was voted “present”.

The amendment of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance with the changes to ENFIA was voted with a wide majority by all parties except the KKE which was “present”.

The Deputy Minister of Rural Development, Dionysis Stamenitis, concluding the debate, underlined that “the bill shows our intention for the modernization of the primary sector, the transition to the new era, new technologies and innovation and the improvement of the position of the producer”. We have, he said, an open dialogue with the producers who know very well that the governments of the ND and the prime minister stood by their side” and repeating the measures that have been taken for the farmers since 2019 he said that “this is how we will continue with the return of Special Consumption Tax on Oil and 2024, as well as measures that deal largely with the burden that producers have on electricity”. The deputy minister emphasized that “we have open doors and ears, a firm will for dialogue so that together with the producers we can find realistic solutions to every problem they face. The past shows how we will move now and in the future.” He pointed out that “we are in dialogue with the nine countries of the South for the renegotiation of the strategy of the new CAP, and the Commission’s decision to suspend the fallow period for one year shows that the Greek Government, together with the other countries, is moving in the right direction”.

The political leaders of PASOK, the Hellenic Solution, Niki and Plevsis Eleftheria, the head of New Left, the political leadership of YPAAT, the parliamentary representatives of the parties as well as a total of 34 MPs from all wings of the Parliament took part in the discussion of the bill. .