Sources of the Turkish Ministry of Defense state that, following the approval by the US Congress of the Turkish F-16 programthe offer and acceptance letters are expected to be submitted by the end of February and provide that “after the review of the offer and acceptance letters by us and the completion of the plan together with the US authorities, the program is expected to take effect in June-July 2024.”

During the regular weekly briefing of the defense editors by the representative of the Turkish Ministry of Defense, Commander-in-Chief Zeki Akturk, sources in the ministry said that talks are underway with the American side for the production of the aircraft and the modernization of the existing Turkish F-16 fleet to take place in Turkey, as reported by the state-run TRT network.

The same source said that the sale of F-16s by Turkey is not subject to any conditions. “Contrary to the claims about the use of F-16s to be purchased and modernized, as we have previously emphasized, there are no conditions,” he said.

“As far as the F-35 is concerned, there is no change in the stance of the two countries”concluded the same source of the Turkish Ministry of Defense.