Today Kosovo celebrates its 16th anniversary of independence. At the ceremonial session of the parliament, the president of the Republic Viosa Osmani he pointed out that “on the way from the oppression of the Albanians to freedom and the declaration of independence” the help of the international factor was decisive. Osmani praised the role of the US, stressing that it is the pillar of Kosovo.

The Prime Minister ‘Albin Kurti underlined that Kosovo is the homeland of all citizens without discrimination. “With the support of our international allies and partners, we have built our common home, the Republic of Kosovo, a true parliamentary democracy, with justice and equality for its citizens, contributing to peace and guaranteeing peace. A country that has democratic values, respect for human rights and all minorities, that has social justice and solidarity at the core of every policy,” Kurti said.

The anniversary of his independence of Kosovo many foreign leaders congratulated. The president of the USA Joe Biden points out that “the age-long friendship of the two countries is strengthened by the common vision of peace, security and prosperity of the region”. Biden is not limited to just wishes but calls on the leadership of Kosovo to fully fulfill all its obligations and to contribute to the process of normalizing relations with Belgrade.

The French president sent a similar message Emmanuel Macron who calls on Pristina to proceed with the establishment of the Union of Serbian Municipalities (ZSO) and the repetition of the municipal elections in northern Kosovo with the participation of the Serbian population.

The president of Germany Frank Walter Steinmeier points out that “the rule of law, the fight against corruption and organized crime are conditions for progress in Kosovo’s European path”.

The official Belgrade characterizes the independence of Kosovo as illegal.

“If anyone in self-proclaimed Kosovo is celebrating today, they should ask themselves what they are celebrating, since today in 2008 a political ghost was born in Pristina. The formation of Kosovo is nothing more than a temporary and illegal creation,” the Serbian government said in a statement.

Kosovo unilaterally declared its independence on February 17, 2008. According to Pristina, 117 countries have so far recognized Kosovo as an independent state. Belgrade claims that there are no more than a hundred countries that have recognized Kosovo.