Yemen’s Houthis announced Today is Monday that they hit the merchant ship Rubymar in the Gulf of Aden and now the ship is in danger of sinking, as the military representative of the Yahya Sarea organization stated in his statement.

The ship is British and its crew safehe added, while noting that the Houthis shot down an American drone in Hodeidah.

“The ship was hit hard, which forced it to stop its course completely. Due to extensive damage to the ship, it is now at risk of sinking in the Gulf of Aden.”stressed Sarea.

The Belize-flagged merchant ship, which is registered in Britain and its management company is located in Lebanonwas attacked yesterday, Sunday, in the Straits of Bab al-Madeb, off the coast of Yemen, announced the British security company specialized in marine transport Ambrey.

The UK Maritime Safety Office (UKMTO) reported that crew abandon ship after explosion occurred on board while sailing off Yemen – apparently the same incident.

Ambrey explained that the ship was heading north to Varna, Bulgaria, having sailed from Khor Faqan in the United Arab Emirates when the attack took place.

“The partially loaded vessel reduced speed from 10 to six knots, changed course and contacted the Djibouti Navy before returning to its original course and speed.”the company noted.

UKMTO indicated that it had been made aware of an incident which occurred 35 miles south of Moha, a Yemeni city on the Red Sea coast, and added that a ship was damaged after an explosion occurred nearby. He did not specify the name of the ship.

“Military authorities have reported that the crew has abandoned ship,” the UKMTO said in a news update early this morning, adding that the ship has dropped anchor. and that its crew is safe.