The Russian president Vladimir Putin did not watch the video of dissident Alexei Navalny’s widowof Yulia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said today, characterizing “baseless” her claims that her husband was poisoned with the nerve agent novichok.

When asked about Yulia Navalnaya’s complaint that Putin killed her husband, Peskov declined to comment because of her recent widowhood.

However Kremlin spokesman commented that accusations that Putin was responsible for Navalny’s deathare baseless and repugnant.

“Obviously these are vulgar and completely baseless accusations against the head of the Russian state, but given that Yulia Navalnaya became a widow a few days ago, I will not comment,” he said.

Vladimir Putin killed my husband Alexei Navalny. Putin killed the father of my children (…) With him he wanted to kill our hope, our freedom, our futureYulia Navalnaya complained yesterday, Monday, adding that she will continue her husband’s battle.

Regarding the complaints by the dissident’s widow that a nerve agent was used against him, Peskov replied that “I have not been informed of these statements”, adding that “these are simply unfounded accusations because they are not supported by anything, they have not been confirmed”.

Besides, Peskov characterized justified the arrests of people who paid tribute to Navalny leaving some flowers at memorials for victims of Soviet-era political repression.

“The forces of order act within the framework of the law,” he stressed.

Finally, he described as a matter of routine the promotion that Putin gave yesterday to high-ranking officials of the Russian prison authorities, three days after the death of the dissident.

“These are normal promotion procedures,” the Kremlin spokesman commented.

Alexei Navalny, who was serving a 19-year sentence in a prison in the Arctic Circle, died on February 16. Claiming that an investigation into the cause of Navalny’s death is underway, which will last 14 days, Russian authorities have yet to hand over his body to his family.