“Shark in the Jaws” swimmer in Sydney – The first deadly attack in decades


A shark attacked and killed a swimmer off Sydney Beach, in the first such deadly attack in almost 60 years, as announced by the police and first aid services.

Eyewitnesses told local television that they saw the attack on the swimmer.

“Someone was swimming and a shark came and attacked him,” eyewitness Chris Lido told Nine. “We heard a scream and turned around, it looked like a car had fallen into the water, we saw water being thrown, and then the shark was biting the man and there was blood everywhere.”

Another eyewitness estimated that the shark was 4.5 meters long.

The New South Wales state government has spent millions of dollars on technology in an effort to reduce shark attacks along its shores amid public concern by developing nets on 51 beaches, as well as drone and shark tracking stations that can detect white sharks via satellite and send alert when someone is spotted.

It was reportedly the first deadly shark attack in Sydney since 1963.

Police did not provide information on the swimmer’s identity.

A first aid official said when the rescuers arrived at the scene, the victim had suffered very serious injuries and “there was nothing they could do”

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