Skourleti – Giannakopoulou quarrel with … Germanotsoliades and Swiss in Parliament


“Social Democratic” quarrel in Parliament, with Panos Skourletis sharply commenting on the decision of the Movement for Change not to support the objection of unconstitutionality submitted by SYRIZA in Parliament for the bill concerning EFKA.

“We do not need to raise issues of a constitutional nature in order to highlight the error of the substance of the regulations,” said Nadia Giannakopoulou, explaining why KINAL would declare itself “present” in SYRIZA’s objection of unconstitutionality.

Panos Skourletis jokingly commented on KINAL’s attitude, describing it as colorless and Swiss.

“I want to tell KINAL that until now we knew that there were the plains, the mountains and now we learn that there are also the Swiss, the colorless,” he said characteristically.

The reaction of Mrs. Giannakopoulou was intense. He told Mr. Skourletis that KINAL does not accept politics lessons from SYRIZA, nor will it become a convenient support.

In fact, he attributed Skourletis’ “nails” to the democratic pressure that SYRIZA is receiving.

“Take the decision, Mr. Skourletis, that you will not find convenient supporters in us”, “now that you are under pressure from the polls, you remembered late in the ASEP of Anastasis Peponis, while before you told us that we destroyed the country when you called us” Germanotsoliades “, said among others Mrs. Giannakopoulou.

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