The Eiffel Tower will also remain closed today, for the fifth consecutive day, due to a strikeit became known from trade union sources, which prevents from Monday the visits of thousands, mainly foreign, tourists who flock every day.

If the strike lasts until Sunday afternoon, it will be the longest strike in the monument’s recent history. In the fall of 1998, the Eiffel Tower was closed for six and a half days.

Eiffel Tower workers denounce management model of the popular French monument which underestimates the cost of its maintenance and operation. Negotiations with the Eiffel Tower Exploitation Company (Sete), in which the Paris municipality owns 99% of the shares, began yesterday and were described as “constructive” by the company.

In particular, the employees blame the employing company for the financial management, but also the municipal authority for the very high financial demands on the revenue of the monument, which leave no scope for carrying out repair and maintenance work, while at the same time limiting the recruitment and remuneration of the staff.

The dispute, which kept the Eiffel Tower closed until December 27, the centenary of architect Gustave Eiffel’s death, comes amid the winter school holidays and five months before the Olympics (July 26-August 11).