THE French President Emmanuel Macron warned his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin today that France’s support for Ukraine “will not weaken” and that it “should not count” on a “fatigue of Europeans” as the war in Ukraine completes two years.

“Two years of war. Battered and bruised, but always standing. Ukraine is fighting for her, for her ideals, for our Europe. Our commitment to her side will not weaken.” emphasizes Macron in a message posted by the French presidency on the X social network on the occasion of the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“European aid for Ukraine of 50 billion euros over four years was decided with the support of France on 1 February. With a clear message: President Putin’s Russia should not count on any fatigue of the Europeans”, the French presidency also warns in its statement on X.

“The outcome of this war will be decisive for European interests, values ​​and security. France is and will remain on the side of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people,” the Élysée also notes in its statement.