Protesters threw two tons of manure today outside the house of the Russian ambassador to Polanda as it has been two years since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Activists placed a bloody Russian flag with the letter “Z” on a pile of dung and a sign above it that read “Russia=sk…! We don’t want you in the EU. Get out of here!”, photos of the demonstration show in the town of Konstancin-Zeriorna, near Warsaw, where the ambassador’s residence is located, seen by Reuters.

Elsewhere in Warsaw, at 6 a.m. local time, protesters played sirens, gunshots and explosions outside a building housing Russian diplomats.

“We wanted a clear signal to the Polish authorities and the EU. It’s finally time to expel Russian diplomats from our country,” says one protester, Dominik.

The Russian embassy in Warsaw did not respond directly in an emailed request to comment.

Unlike the Baltic states, which have expelled Russian ambassadors, Poland has so far not taken that step despite expelling diplomats.