Ankara continues to put pressure on Berlin to acquire Eurofighter via… London. Turkey’s Defense Minister Yasar Güler is on an official visit to London, where he met with his British counterpart Grand Sappé.

The two ministers had met on November 11 in Ankara, where they signed, among other things, a declaration of intent for defense cooperation between the two countries.

Turkey has expressed its desire to acquire 5th generation Eurofighter fighter jets instead of the F-35, from whose program it has been excluded. Ankara wants to buy a total of 40 new Eurofighters, 20 in the first phase and 20 in the next, in their latest and most advanced version.

The issue was raised by Yasar Güler to the British minister during their meeting in Ankara, as the Turkish side faces the refusal of Germany, which is a co-producer of the Eurofighter. Britain and Spain, which are also participating in the program, support Turkey’s request.

“The support and approach of the United Kingdom on this issue is important as an example to other allies. Spain also provides us with similar support. Regarding Germany’s objections, it would be the right approach to make choices and decisions in accordance with the spirit of the alliance and the common security perspective,” the Turkish Defense Minister said during the annual report of his ministry on December 16. Guler said at the time that the only aircraft Turkey is currently focusing on is the Eurofighter, “which is highly effective and which we see as the best alternative.”

On February 21, the prototype made its maiden flight of the Turkish-made 5th generation KAAN fighter. The manufacturing company TAI has signed a cooperation agreement with the British BAE Systems for the development of the aircraft since 2017.