“Thriller” with the flight of Manchester City – Forced landing in Liverpool due to stormy winds


Manchester City players experienced moments of terror in the air on their return to Manchester after the match with Sporting Lisbon for the Champions League

The plane carrying the team’s mission had to make an emergency landing in Liverpool on Wednesday, as strong winds prevented it from landing safely in Manchester.

It is characteristic that the pilot of the plane circled 3 times over Manchester before the decision was made to disembark at Liverpool John Lennon Airport

However, as they descended over Manchester, he had to circle the city three times before being diverted to Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport.

City confirmed on Twitter that the team landed safely:

“We confirm that the plane carrying the first team from Lisbon to Manchester, landed safely in Liverpool, due to strong winds that brought difficulties in flight”.

It is noted that in Tuesday’s match against Sporting he achieved a wide victory with a final score of 0-5.

Daily mail

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