At 59,749 new coronavirus cases and 278 deaths in the last 24 hours in Italy


In the last 24 hours in Italy the new cases of coronavirus were 59,749, while 278 people lost their lives due to complications of Covid-19.

In total, 555,080 diagnostic tests were performed, 10.7% of which were positive.

There are 1,073 patients with Covid-19 in the intensive care units of the country, ie 46 less than yesterday Tuesday, while in the hospital wards are 15,127 (475 less compared to the previous 24 hours).

On February 25, a panel of scientists advising the Draghi government is likely to vote in favor of a fourth dose of Covid-19 vaccine to immunocompromised people and those in the more vulnerable population.

According to research, 72% of coronavirus patients who have developed pneumonia and are in the ICU or hospital wards are unvaccinated or have not received the third, booster dose of the vaccine. At the same time, in the last week the patients with Covid-19 who are in hospital wards decreased by 16% and especially in the ICU the reduction reaches 26%. Hospitals are “emptying” faster in the north of Italy, while in the central and southern regions of the country the virus “recedes” more slowly.

It is worth noting that today the Covid ward of the hospital of Contonio, in northern Italy, closed. This is the town, outside Milan, where two years ago the first case of coronavirus in Italy was diagnosed. “This is the second time we have closed Covid Wing and we really hope it will be the last,” said the hospital’s doctors.

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