Withdrawal of forces: Satellite images deny Moscow – See photos


They refute the allegations of Moscow for the withdrawal of troops around Ukraine, new satellite images that saw the light of day. The new satellite images of the private company Maxar of the last 48 hours continue to show increased military activity in Belarus, Crimea and western Russia.

The photos below even show a new floating bridge over the Pripyat River in Belarus that did not exist before.

At the same time, new russian video shows troops and military equipment returning to their permanent bases after high school. The location of the video of the Russian Ministry of Defense is not mentioned anywhere.

Moscow is embarking on a Cold War of nerves, as its actions confuse its intentions regarding the rumored invasion of Ukraine. Russia “Increased” the presence of forces on the border with Ukraine at least “7,000 troops,” some of whom arrived there Wednesday, he said. senior official of the White House, characterizing as “false” the announcement of Moscow that it proceeded to the withdrawal of some forces.

Russia continues to move troops to the border with Ukraine and is likely to unleash a “limited area” The head of the Estonian Intelligence Service also supported a military attack against this country.

In this context, Russia and the West are engaged in a game of high strategy against the backdrop of the Ukrainian crisis. The latest developments on the Russian-Ukrainian border will be of concern to European leaders today, at 13:30 Greek time at a meeting to be held just before the start of the EU-Africa Summit.

Despite her new announcement Moscow for a new withdrawal of military forces from Crimea, NATO and Washington they are very wary of her assurances that she does not want war.

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