Germany is preparing for war with Russia, claims the vice president of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev in a Telegram post.

Medvedev’s statement came after the release in Russia of audio excerpts from a meeting of high-ranking German military officers. Berlin conceded the interception of audio material by the Russians at a military meeting where German Air Force (Luftwaffe) officers discussed the supply of Taurus long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine and potential targets.

The conversation was posted on social media by the state-run Russian channel RT. Germany has announced that it is investigating the matter.

“Risk of inciting wars”

The former president of Russia speaks of the “danger of inciting wars” by the German military leadership.

“Attempts to present the Bundeswehr officers’ conversation as a “game of rockets and tanks” are a malicious lie. No one knows whether the political leadership and the chancellor personally know. But even if they do not know and have not ordered such a thing, history knows many examples when the military is able to make decisions for political leaders about by starting wars or inciting them. They will come to Solz and say: “Mr (Reich) Chancellor, a missile was shot down in Ukraine. According to its type and trajectory, it was flying to Berlin.” What will Solz answer, eh?’

“Clear as day” concludes Medvedev.

The German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said yesterday that Russia is waging an “information war” aimed at causing divisions within Germany.