The union organization Ver.di is calling for a new mobilization of Lufthansa’s ground staff from Thursday to Saturday morning, in view of the next round of collective negotiations.

According to the union, the strike will begin at 04:00 on Thursday morning and end at 07:00 on Saturday and is expected to affect hundreds of flights to and from the country’s largest airports. “We cannot fathom that the company will announce record annual results this week, that board members’ bonuses will increase significantly and that workers on the ground, often on minimum wage, no longer know how to make ends meet. in the most expensive cities in Germany,” said Ver.di’s spokesman for negotiations with Lufthansa, Marvin Resinski, and explained that the union is trying to increase pressure on employers ahead of the fifth round of talks scheduled for March 13 and 14.

Lufthansa for its part criticized Ver.di for the repeated strikes and especially for the conditions set by the union in order to return to negotiations. In response, Mr Resinski reminded that the recent strike in Lufthansa’s technical department had no impact on passengers. “In recent days we have consciously avoided causing problems to passenger traffic. “However, Lufthansa, ignoring our request for negotiations, is essentially telling us that it will only move if the pressure from the workers increases,” he said.

Ver.di, which represents around 25,000 Lufthansa employees, is demanding a 12.5% ​​wage increase, an “inflation bonus” payment and a one-year collective agreement, while the employer has so far countered with 10% increases and a 28-month collective agreement.