During the signing of the Euro-Egyptian agreement the Ursula von der Leyen noted that these discussions are made in a time of crisis. “We are all extremely concerned about the war in Gaza and the unfolding catastrophic humanitarian situation. Gaza faces famine. This is unacceptable. It is critical to achieve an agreement for a truce quickly, nowwhich will free the hostages and allow more humanitarian aid to reach Gaza,” he said, calling on Egypt’s president to broker a ceasefire.

The President of the Commission expressed the concern of the EU cabout the dangers that a full-scale attack on Rafah would have for the vulnerable civilian population. “This must be avoided at all costs,” he stressed, while thanking Egypt for its efforts to ensure that humanitarian supplies can reach Gaza.

“The EU is doing everything in its power to provide much-needed assistance. Today Gaza needs 500 trucks a dayor the equivalent by land, air and sea. This year alone, the EU will provide €275 million in aid to the Palestinians. We have delivered over 1,800 tons of aid. Including medical equipment to Egypt and we are ensuring that this aid can reach Gaza through all possible routes, including the sea corridor that was recently opened in Cyprus,” the Commission president pointed out.