London, Thanasis Gavos

Interview with Nigel Farage which aired by the British news channel GB News granted by Donald Trump.

The US presidential candidate’s reference to the debate stood out how he views his country’s future in NATObut also his warnings against Duke of Sussex Harry, now a resident of California.

Regarding the first issue, Donald Trump said that US to stay in NATO ‘100%’” if the president is re-elected, but as long as the European member countries “play fair”, explaining that it refers to the commitment of funds for defense and the Alliance.

“NATO must treat the US fairly because if it’s not the US, NATO literally doesn’t exist”, Mr. Trump continued. “The US should pay its fair share, not everyone else’s,” he added.

As for Prince Harry hinted that even his deportation from the US should be considered if it is proven that he had falsely declared in the application for a residence visa in the country that he had not used drugs.

In his autobiography ‘Spare’ the duke of sussex has mentioned drug use in the pastwhich would constitute grounds for the visa application to be rejected by the US authorities.

“We will have to see if (the authorities) know anything about drugs and if he lied they should be dealt with,” Mr Trump said, not ruling out deportation when asked by Nigel Farage.

The former US president also commented that Harry and Meghan Marklethey hurt the heart” of Queen Elizabeth with what they said about the Royal family.