Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt cast doubt on Vladimir Putin’s version of events after Friday’s deadly Moscow attack, saying he has “very little faith” in what the Russian government is saying.

Russia’s president yesterday vowed to “punish” those responsible for the attack that killed 133 people at a concert hall in Moscow, assuring that the attackers had been caught en route to Ukraine, while making no mention of the claim of responsibility by the jihadist organization Islamic State.

“Any loss of civilian life is absolutely horrific, even if it occurs in countries whose leadership we strongly condemn, and we can only hope that the perpetrators are caught,” said Jeremy Hunt on Sky News.

However, when asked about the explanations put forward by Moscow, the minister replied that he “has very little confidence in what the Russian government says.”

“We know he’s creating a propaganda smokescreen to defend an absolutely diabolical invasion of Ukraine,” he continued.

“I’m listening to what the Russian government is saying very carefully (…) after what we’ve seen from them in recent years,” Hunt said.