Alexis Tsipras is in Paris today in order to participate in the discussion and voting of Dora Bakoyannis’s report on Kosovo’s accession to the Council of Europe, which is being held in the Political Affairs Committee of the Organization’s Parliamentary Assembly.

In this context, he welcomed the Report, the perspective of Kosovo’s integration and the fact that thanks to the efforts of Ms. Bakoyannis, Kosovo recognized the legal ownership of the Decani Monastery in the Serbian Orthodox Church. He stressed, however, that this is not enough as a sole condition (as the Report suggests) and additional actions are required from Pristina especially in relation to the establishment of the Union of Serbian Municipalities and the law on the expropriation of minority properties, for Kosovo’s inclusion in the organization .

He underlined that the tension has increased a lot in the region with the mutual responsibility of the parties and more advance guarantees are needed to really contribute to peace in the Balkans, Kosovo’s accession to the Council of Europe. He added that additional discussion is required with the countries that do not recognize Kosovo, regarding the regime under which it will join the organization.

The report was adopted by the Political Affairs Committee, the next step is the vote by the Parliamentary Assembly in April. If passed, it will be discussed in the Council of Ministers for the final decision in May.