Russian President Vladimir Putin has not yet scheduled a meeting with the families of the victims of the Crocus City Hall attack in Moscow, the Kremlin said today..

“If contacts are needed, we will let you know,” the Kremlin spokesman replied Dmitry Peskov when asked by journalists if the Russian president plans to meet the relatives of the victims of this attack, which claimed the lives of 143 people.

Putin said on Monday that the attack, Russia’s deadliest in two decades, was carried out by “radical Islamists”, but Russian authorities accused Ukrainian and Western intelligence services of “facilitating” it.

The responsibility for the attack has been taken by jihadist organization Islamic State.

The Russian president spoke publicly the day after this attack, which took place on Friday night.

According to Peskov, Putin did not go to the scene of the attack in order not to “disrupt the work” of the rescue teams.

“As far as the families and relatives of the victims are concerned, very close cooperation was organized with them by all the relevant services and experts (…). All this was done as soon as possible. This work continues,” Peskov also added.

Yesterday, Wednesday, Putin traveled to the Tver region, northwest of Moscow, to visit a historical museum and meet cultural workers. Today he is expected to participate in a session dedicated to tourism.

Asked about the information that dozens of people are still missing after the attack on the concert hall in Moscow, the Kremlin replied that this question would be better left to the investigators.

The Baza Telegram site, which is close to the security services, reported yesterday that 95 people were still missing after Friday’s attack.