Peruvian Interior Minister Victor Torres tendered his resignation on Monday amid an investigation into President Dina Bolluarte over alleged embezzlement linked to Rolex watches she owned.

“I am leaving because I asked for it” and the president “accepted it”, said Mr. Torres leaving the presidential palace, where the cabinet was meeting.

In office since Nov. 21, Mr. Torres cited “family problems.”

The police, who along with the prosecutor’s office carried out after midnight Friday to Saturday searches of Ms. Boluarte’s home and her office in the context of “Rolex-gate”, were theoretically acting under the supervision of Mr. Torres.

According to Peruvian press reports, several in the government have called for the removal of the police officer who led the surprise investigations.

The government thus records its first loss in the Rolex scandal, which broke out after a Peruvian news website began publishing since March 15 a series of photos depicting the head of state wearing various expensive watches in 2021 and 2022 while she was a member of the government .

If the president resigns, “Peru will sink,” the resigned minister commented, referring to the demand by the opposition, which does not have a majority in Congress, that Ms. Boluarte leave office.

“The lady has nothing to hide. I leave with a clear conscience” and “clean hands”, Victor Torres also assured.

Following the searches, during which no Rolex was found, the prosecution demanded that the president produce her watches when she comes to testify on Friday, April 5.

Ms Bolluarte’s defense said on Saturday that police had found some watches in their search of the presidency, but no Rolex.