An unknown number of journalists, including journalists from the Turkish network TRT Arabic, were injured on Friday in an Israeli attack in the Nuseirat refugee camp in the Gaza Strip.

Medical sources told Turkey’s Anadolu Agency that among the injured was photojournalist Sami Shehadeh, whose right leg was amputated and he also had various injuries all over his body.

A correspondent for the Turkish public broadcaster was slightly wounded in the Israeli attack, sources at Al-Aqsa Hospital said.

They said Muhammad Al-Sawalhi, another journalist, was also injured when shrapnel struck his right arm in another Israeli artillery shelling in the same area.

it’s not the first time that the Israeli army is targeting journalists in Gaza during the war that has been going on for more than half a year comments Anadolu. At least 140 journalists have been killed as a result of Israeli attacks since October 7, according to figures from the Gaza government media office.

Since Thursday morning, the Nuseirat camp appears to have come under a barrage of airstrikes, coinciding with the Israeli military’s announcement of a military operation in areas north of the camp in the central Gaza Strip.

The attack angered Ankara. “We condemn this heinous attack. This is terrorism. This terrorism must stop and the Western world must oppose this brutality as soon as possible,” said Turkey’s Communications Director Fahrettin Altun in X.

“That’s enough! The international community must take action against the atrocities taking place before our eyes. Those who remain silent in the face of these systematic attacks are complicit in Israel’s crime of genocide,” emphasizes Fahrettin Altun.

“Israel did this on purpose. We have no doubt that they knew there were members of the press here,” said the representative of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). Omer Celik. He also said that “our friends who work there are doing a great duty to humanity.”